Keeping busy in the time of COVID-19


You might think that during this quarantine/social isolation time that I would be making ALL THE JEWELRY, but I’m not…  My husband works for a company that is exempt from the statewide stay-at-home orders, so I’m at home alone with our newborn all day and it is HARD to make jewelry when I can only work while he’s napping.

So I’ve been looking for other ways to fill my time, and I just thought I would share my favorite with you guys: watercolor doodling!

Basically, watercolor doodling involves using watercolor (or watercolor pencils, like these that I have) to make abstract or very loose approximations of shapes and then once it’s dry, going back in with a pen/marker/paint pen/etc. to make your watercolor blobs look like something.  I got weirdly focused on florals, so that’s mostly what I’ve done.


You can see the process in the pictures above… I made some really scribble-y flower shapes, then added leaves and stems.  I decided to make these look like black-eyed-susans, so i used my black marker to add large black “eyes” to the flowers.  I find it really interesting how outlining the petals and adding a tiny big of shading makes a very child-like drawing look much more like actual art!

Here’s another before-and-after:


These doodles are a great way to be creative around my son’s schedule!  I can usually finish the watercolor part during one nap, let it dry while he’s awake, and then finish the outlining during his next nap session.  It’s a perfect project to work on here and there throughout the day!