New Special edition Pieces

Designs that I’ve tagged as “Special Edition” pieces are limited edition or one of a kind styles that are not part of my regular collections.

What’s the difference between “collection”, “limited edition”, and “one of a kind” jewelry?  I’m glad you asked.

My “collection” jewelry is specifically designed to be sold both on my website and in retail locations across the United States for a minimum of 6 months.  These styles feature design components (gemstones, metal shapes, etc.) that are available in bulk and are relatively consistent, which allows me to create multiples of that style with nearly identical appearance.  The best-selling styles from each collection often stay in production for years (or at least until I run out of the materials to make them).  While I have yet to sell hundreds of any of the collection styles, they are not designed with exclusivity in mind.

“Limited edition” styles are items where I have made multiples of the same design, but there may only be 3 or 4 available.  These styles often feature design components that, while still beautiful, their appearance is too varied for regular collection designs.  Gemstones in these pieces are always matched to each other within each piece, but the size, shape, or color from one piece to the next may be drastically different.

“One of a kind” styles are just that… there’s only one of that design.  These styles are a fun way for me to explore new design elements and techniques that may eventually be used in the main collection.  They sometimes feature gemstones so unique that I can’t make even just a few similar-looking pieces.  One of a kind designs are a great way to add pieces to your collection if you value extremely unique style.


May 25th Update

The newest Special Edition pieces mainly feature some amazing faceted white chalcedony trapezoid shaped stones.  Personally, I am OBSESSED with the Large White Chalcedony Circle Earrings.  There are no more than 5 of each of these styles available, so don’t hesitate to order if you find something you like!