Verdant Collection Inspiration

I love green.

I’ll admit that I’m mostly a fan of soft greens, olive-y greens, or dark greens, but bright, lime-y neon greens are beautiful in the right applications.

If someone asked you to think of a green gemstone, your first thought would probably be emerald or peridot.  Those green gemstones are the traditional birthstones for May and August babies, but there are SO MANY other green gemstones available!  Some of my personal favorites are:

Green Onyx
Olive Jade
Olive Chalcedony
Green Kyanite
Green Moonstone

Gemstones, plants, foods, and animals are all places where green shows off its natural allure, but it’s also used beautifully in clothing and accessories, home decor, and beauty.  Yes, beauty… you may not think green would be a great color for hair or nails, but there are some great examples of it on my Verdant Collection Pinterest moodboard!

Below I’ve shared an image from to illustrate just how versatile green can be.  

Green Tone Color Combinations

Some of my favorite combinations are:

Olive green/brown (or tan)
Bright green/black
Pretty much any green with grey
Multiple shades of green

If you’re interested in checking out my Verdant Collection moodboard on Pinterest, click here.

Styles from the Verdant Collection