Inside my #girlboss Purse

Entreprenuers Purse Contents
  • Can I just take a minute to share with you guys the RIDICULOUS amount of stuff I have in my bag on any given day?  (Actually, this is just the stuff from one of two bags… I usually also have my laptop bag in addition to all this stuff.)  Owning your own business is a little like being a mom, in that you have to carry around a million things “just in case.”

Today, my purse contained:

– 1 file folder
– my wallet (which is so full of receipts and barely-used loyalty cards that I can’t snap it closed)
– 1 partially sewn DIY bracelet pillow
– 2 sewing needles stuck through a scrap of paper
– 1 spool of thread
– an assortment of things I need to return to Hobby Lobby
– an assortment of beauty supplies
– 1 empty binder
– a hot mess of receipts
– noise-cancelling ear buds
– thread snips
– a foundation sample from Sephora (because I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $46 on the Laura Mercier foundation that I really liked…yet…)
– 1 pair of earrings (that I didn’t make)
– a 3 hole punch
– a ring mandrel
– a graduation invitation
– a half-empty spool of waxed cotton cord
– a hammer
– a set of Swanstrom forming pliers
– a baggie full of half-finished jewelry parts

So what I want to know is… Are the contents of your bag as random as mine?