Looking for handmade, easy-to-wear jewelry?

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Every design is created with wearability in mind… the kind of jewelry that you’ll wear over and over again, whether you’re dressing up a simple t-shirt or going all-out for a special occasion.

Mixed Metals

Silver and gold tones, combined to make easy-to-layer styles


No jewelry wardrobe is complete without the basics




Green is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy. Bring those feelings into your wardrobe with pieces featuring vesuvianite, olive chalcedony, and olive jade.

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About the artist

The daughter of artistically talented parents, Jessica Starnes felt a connection to the arts from an early age. After years of trial — and a lot of error — in everything from painting to knitting, she finally discovered a passion and talent for jewelry making about a decade ago.

Jessica designs and manufactures every piece of her collection in her Colorado mountainside studio, a location that overlooks the Pikes Peak Region from a stunning 9,000-foot vantage point.